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Below is my Pug Puppy nursery!

I've devoted the retirement years of my life to this wonderful breed!

Lotus Blossom puppies are bred for their great temperaments, beauty and most of all wonderful health.  Their sweet personalities make them a joy to add to your family.  If you can provide a safe and loving home enviroment, and would like a puppy,  please contact me.  I ask a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 to hold your place in line for a puppy.  $150.00 of this deposit is used to spay/neuter your puppy.
My Veterinarian is an expert at doing this and it will alleviate any stress you may have trying to get it done at a later date. 
This also allows me to give you the AKC papers with the puppy...instead of holding the papers until they are spayed/neutered.
I realize that not every one can afford a Lotus Blossom Puppy. What you spend upfront
for a well bred puppy can save on Veterinarian bills year after year! There is no price
you can put on heartbreak though.
Below is a little 'you tube' video that I did, of my little black puppy attacking his sleeping sister....well..she's trying to sleep...LOL!

The little fawn puppy that was sleeping, woke up and grew up!  Her name is Lotus Blossom's Tanoshi Skoshi and she is loved and owned by Michelle W.  Skoshi is here to be bred....what a beautiful example of the breed! (below picture)



More puppy pictures for you to enjoy!

(All puppies have been adopted)

The little bump above the nose (above) is called the 'bee sting' and will become part of the nose roll as he gets older.

The nose should tuck under the roll above it.


My Champion boy... Champion Prelly's Ruff-N-Tuff....AKA Noah. is a descendant to the only pug to EVER win Best in Show at Westminster!  He consistantly produces georgeous examples of the breed with thick bone and large heads. 

All pug puppies are born fairly dark...they lighten up as time goes by.  If you have seen pugs that are brown, brindle, silver etc. (as adults) just remember that A.K.C. doesn't recognize these variations.  Think about the brindle color...how did that even come to be?  Read my 'do not get ripped off ' page!

This little three week old baby boy (above) looks like an Ewok!




People advertise 'miniture' or 'tea cup' pugs all the time.  There is no such thing.  Most of the time you are seeing a 4 week old puppy being presented as an 8 week old pug puppy.  A nicely bred pug is short and cobby though...not of the sort with skinny tall legs and long bodies.  This little girl (Clover) IS eight weeks though and waiting for her new mommy to come and get her.

Clover is getting tired of waiting. LOL!  (above)

Winston waits by the door for his new parents to take him to his 'forever home'.

This is Otto.  He was adopted by a wonderful Danish family!

Sometimes people don't realize how small they are when born!

We had 6 beautiful black puppies fathered by Champion Periwinkles Klondike Bear!



Some puppies get their wrinkles sooner than others...above is the son of my Champion girl (Ch. Bleuridges Chantilly Lace).

This is my home in central Florida.

Genetics are everything!  They are not only what your puppy looks like, but his/her temperment and personality.  Most importantly, they are the HEALTH of your puppy.  Just because two parents appear healthy doesn't mean your puppy will be if there is no knowledge of the generations past.  People that get their pugs from the newspaper or pet store and then decide to have puppies have no background knowledge of the gene pool.  These people are called 'backyard breeders'.  You can get a very inexpensive puppy from them.  These are the very puppies and dogs that end up in pug rescue at a later date (along with the pet store pugs that were too cute to pass up).  The behavior and health issues become too much for a family to deal with.  Worse yet, many pugs die from genetic problems at very young ages.  Prior to death the vet bills become outrageous.    

  Anyone can put a wonderful looking web-site up with pictures that may not even be theirs.  They know how to answer all your questions with exactly what you want to hear.  Adding a pug to your family can be a 15 year commitment.  Go and visit the home of the breeder before you give them any money.  Google local pug clubs in your area for referrals. Don't forget about your Local Rescues! 

E-mail me..I don't bite! Scroll back up when you are done and read the testimonies...it's a new page under construction but may never get finished as I lack computer skills....LOL!!!


Educating yourself on the breed is a great start!  With so many scams going on, be very careful before sending a breeder a deposit. Review my 'do not get ripped off' page.  Set up your home to make it a success for the puppy and you.  You don't have to get your puppy from me to ask me questions.  Educate yourself on crating and on feeding.  Here is some good info to start with on food: (be sure to open a seperate tab/file to copy and paste so you can easily get back here)



Please e-mail if there is something you would like to see added on this site!